Blues Classes at Empire Swing

Kam & Caitlin Blues Teachers

Kam & Caitlin from Empire Swing Blues Teachers

The block of Blues Dance classes for Level 1 start on the first Tuesday of each month at the OES Hall on the corner of Junction Road and Oxford Street in Woolloongabba.

  • Level 1 Foundation classes run from 7:00- 8:00pm
  • Level 2 Progression classes run from 8:15 - 9:15pm
    Note Level 2 is a drop in style class.

Empire Swing’s Blues teachers, Kameron and Caitlin, are passionate about sharing their love for Blues dancing.  Classes involve:

  • Introduction to the various Blues Dance styles such as Solo, Jukin', Ballroomin’ and Slow Drag
  • Quality connection with your partner
  • Creativity and musicality (i.e., how to express yourself during the dance and ways to find your own blues voice)
  • How to social dance with anyone
  • Connecting with other Blues enthusiasts


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"First time back in a dance class for sometime. Fundamental Blues is a well paced class. Great fun teachers who answer the silly and the technical questions. Perfect venue at the Gabba." - Facebook - Maria     

Upcoming Start Dates 2017 for Fundamental Blues

The classes for Blues Dancing start the first Tuesday of each month at the OES Hall on the corner of Junction Rd and Oxford St Woolloongabba with the teachers Kam and Caitlin.


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The history of Blues Dancing.

“When done correctly, Blues Dancing can be one of the most rewarding and indescribable experiences any level of dancer can have”

(from Blues River Notes)

Blues Dancing, or Blues Idiom Dance as it is traditionally know as, is typically the shorthand term that Contemporary Blues Dancers use today. Blues dancing was first introduced in Albert Murray’s “Stomping the Blues”and has been adapted throughout history, with Contemporary Blues Dancers echoing the historical style and tradition.

Blues Dancing, which uses simple steps, was created as a “reflection of swing and jazz music” and “is an elaborate fusion of ideas from every dance style, from the mambo of Dirty Dancing to the romanticism of Ballet. The tempo and space given by the music allows a freedom of interpretation and improvisation that is seldom found it partner dances”.

Blues dancing is a conversation between two people, with a focus on connecting with the music and your partner.  It has been described that “learning to blues dance will enable the dancer to more fully understand concepts such as simplicity, clarity, creativity, expression, intensity, active listening, and musical and emotional interpretation” (original source: STLBX).

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