Frequent Questions

We do our best to answer all questions our dancers may have.

  • Do I need to register for the Beginner blocks?

    Yes, you will need to register for the beginner blocks as we may have limited numbers. You can register here for: Fortitude Valley, Paddington and Woolloongabba.

  • Can you recommend me some music to practice to?

    Click here for a starting point: About Swing Music

  • What is Empire Swing's sexual Harassment Policy?

    SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY Sexual harassment is unlawful and an unacceptable form of behaviour and will not be tolerated at any Empire Swing Pty Ltd (“Empire Swing”) class, event or activity. Empire Swing is committed to preventing sexual harassment at its classes, events and activities. Many forms of harassment are unlawful; however, this policy is confined to addressing sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment Defined Sexual Harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances. Sexual harassment can take various forms including, amongst other things: suggestive or lewd comments and / or jokes; leering, staring, obscene gestures and wolf whistling; intrusive questions or insinuations about a person’s private life; deliberate and unwelcome touching, kissing, hugging, patting, pinching or brushing against another person’s body; sexually offensive written, telephone or electronic communications; insults or taunts of a sexual nature; and behaviour which would also be an offence under the criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault or stalking. Sexual harassment does not have to be repeated or continuous to be against the law. It can be a one-off incident. What is Not Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is not sexual interaction, flirtation, attraction or friendship which is invited, mutual, consensual or reciprocated. Sexual Harassment may occur Sexual harassment includes harassment of students by students, of staff (paid or unpaid) by students or of students by staff (paid or unpaid). Sexual harassment may occur where a person uses sexual behaviour to control, influence or affect the educational opportunity of someone over whom they exert actual or perceived authority. Responses to Sexual Harassment Any person who believes they have been subjected to sexual harassment should discuss the matter with a director of Empire Swing. Confidentiality will be maintained. Empire Swing also encourages individuals who experience sexual harassment to inform the alleged harasser that the behaviour is unwelcome, unacceptable and contrary to policy, and ask that the behaviour stop. Individuals should also keep notes documenting incidents of the behaviour, time, place and any witnesses. Empire Swing recognises that, as a highly sensitive and complex matter, sexual harassment is sometime best dealt with informally through discussion between the parties or with some assistance from an independent third party so as to minimise its damaging and disruptive effects. Complaints of sexual harassment will be dealt with depending upon the severity of the case. Responses may include, amongst other things, informal grievance resolutions in the terms of an apology, as well as suspension and refusal of entry to Empire Swing classes, activities and events. A person who has experienced sexual harassment can make a written complaint to the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission or the Australian Human Rights Commission. The complaint will be investigated and the Commission will generally endeavour to settle it by conciliation. If conciliation is unsuccessful or inappropriate in the circumstances, the complaint may be terminated and the complaint can then apply to the Federal Magistrates Court or Federal Court of Australia for a decision. A person is not required to attempt a complaint informally before approaching the Commission. Criminal acts such as assault may also be reported directly to the police.

  • Who is Frankie Manning?

    Considered to be the "Father of Lindy Hop," Frankie Manning led a team of dancers, Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, in the 1940s swing dancing in the famous ballrooms of Harlem, New York, including the Savoy Ballroom and the Cotton Club. After the second world war and shifts in popular music and culture, Frankie returned to the floor, teaching and inspiring thousands of dancers worldwide for the remainder of his life. To learn more about Frankie, visit Frankie's obit:,0,502595.story

  • What's the best way for me to find out about upcoming events, socials and classes?

    Three ways: (1) sign up to our emailing list by joining our Newsletter, and (2) visit this website regularly. We also have many interesting things posted on our (3) Facebook Page.

  • When does your next beginner block start?

    All start dates will be listed on the Class Pages for Fortitude Valley, Paddington & Woollongabba.

  • What is the age range of people who attend your classes and dances?

    We have people from high school age through their 70s! The most common age range is 20s - 50s.

  • I've danced before, can I skip your beginner block?

    Sorry, no. As dance professionals ourselves we strongly believe in learning a new dance from its foundation. Every dance is uniquely different and never more so than in the foundation and basic structure of the dance. We also teach basic "moves" like the Swing Out that are a requirement for moving into Lindy Hop Level 2 (Intermediate) and above, without these you're unable to attend our weekly classes.

  • I've never danced before, where should I start?

    If you've never danced before you needn't worry that what our Level 1 Basic Lindy Hop Block is all about. If you want to try Swing Dancing out before you take a full class or the next block commences, why not bring yourself and some friends to our Fortnightly social event "Swing Shack", where there is an Absolute Beginner Class from 730pm before all the Social Dancing kick off at 830pm.

  • Do I need a partner?

    No! No partner is required for socials or for classes. In classes, we rotate partners, so even if we have more of one gender than the other, everyone will get to participate. You don't need a partner for our social dances either. Lindy Hop is a social dance, so you should be dancing with everyone, plus dancing with everyone will make you a better dancer more quickly.

  • What should I wear to classes?

    Comfortable clothing (jeans etc) and comfortable shoes (we recommend sneakers).

  • What do I need to bring to classes?

    Yourself, your class fee and possibly a water bottle. A smile wouldn't go astray but we can supply those.

  • Where are Empire Swing classes located?

    Our venues around the Brisbane metro area are in Fortitude Valley, Paddington & Woollongabba - Click on their respective pages to find a detailed map, class times and prices.