Nick Williams Workshop - 25-26 June 2016
Nick Williams Workshop 2016

Nick Williams & Leigh Davis Workshop

25 – 26th June 2016

Class Topics

Saturday: 1. How to Swing-out like a Pro, 2. Nicks favourite Lindy Hop moves, 3. Lindy Hop Footwork variations, 4. Musicality for everyone.

Sunday: 5. All things Balboa, 6. Advanced Lindy Hop, 7. Lindy Hop inspired by Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan, 8. Mystery Bag Class

4 classes per day 75min classes

All classes are targeted at intermediate and above.

Cost: Full Weekend - $180 (8 Classes), $165 (7 Classes), $150 (6 Classes), Full Day Pass - $100, Per class - $30

About Nick….

Nick Williams has embodied the passion and spirit of swing dancing ever since his first lesson in 1998. The depth of his understanding of Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag stems from studying with the original dancers. Nick’s desire for authenticity, combined with his passion for dance evolution, leads to a style known for precision, lightness, musicality and dynamic energy.

His successes include World Lindy Hop Champion, US Open Swing Dance Champion, American Lindy Hop Champion, National Jitterbug Champion, International Lindy Hop Champion, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Champion, American Classic Balboa Champion and California Balboa/Swing Champion.

He is also an accomplished choreographer and has been featured on the hit television show So You Think You Can Dance. As an instructor, he is known for his ability to break down movements and technique to create a fun and light-hearted learning environment. His true love of music and dancing will forever inspire him to learn, teach, and grow. In 2004 and 2010, Nick was honoured to be recognized by the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame.

Peter Flahiff and Lauren Stanley - 13-14 February 2016
Peter Flahiff and Lauren Stanley are flying back into town for a wonderful weekend workshop. Venue :- The workshop will be held in two different locations Saturday will be at Newmarket Bowls Club: 212 Ashgrove Ave, Newmarket Sunday will be at Paddington Hall: 10 Moreton St, Paddington Cost $35 per class $130 per Day $250 full weekend Credit card payments are available by Paypal also. Saturday 13th February Doors Open 10:30am Class 1 - 11am - Make It COMFY. A class that takes everyone's dancing and makes it smoother, cleaner, clearer and more enjoyable for everyone. It's all about making your technique better in this one! Class 2 - 12:15am - Make It SHARP. Dancing comfortably is important, but let's face it: we all want to look better too. This class gives pointers on lines and looks in the moves we love. We'll make sure you look as good as you feel! Lunch - 1:15 - 2:30pm Class 3 - 2:30pm - Make It FAST. Why can some people dance better at fast songs than others? We will answer that question and give LOADS of great tips and concepts for being able to hang with the fast stuff. No reason to leave the floor anymore: nothing is "too fast"! Class 4 - 3:45pm - Make It AWESOME. What would a workshop be without some SWEET new material to take away and work on? This class features some of Peter's and Lauren's favorite moves at the moment and some signature bits that you can use to surprise and wow! Sunday 14th February - Paddington Hall *** Not our regular venue - 10 Moreton St, Paddington Doors open at 11am Class - 1 - 11:15am Collegiate Shag Really energetic and REALLY FUN! Its quick footwork and simple moves make it a great choice when the music is swinging HARD. Class 2 - 12:30pm Elevation -- Bringing Your Dancing Up A Notch! This class is where Peter and Lauren puts their many years of teaching expertise to work on YOU! Keen focus on making the moves and movement you already have EVEN BETTER. It's important to make sure that the dancing you already do is at its best and this is the hour where you will get all those little bad habits fixed. Lunch 1:30 - 2:30pm Class 3 - 2:30pm Syncopation -- New Toys to Play With! We all love new material, whether it's new MOVES for the leads or fresh FOOTWORK for the follows, having something to work on keeps us all motivated and excited about swing dancing. In this hour, Lauren and Peter bring you some clever stuff to try out and mull over in your dancing! Class 4 - 3:45pm- Inspiration -- How to Put It All Together and Be The Best Dancer YOU Can Be! This hour puts the focus on ideas and concepts for swing dancing and social dancing, with an eye toward giving you keys to dancing YOUR best.